29 October 2009

Mother Nature vs. The Idiot News Anchors

This is certainly not what I had in mind for my "mother nature" theme today, but I can't help myself.  I think I have some moral obligation to sound the alarm in the face of such frightening public trickery.

As I was sitting in the stuffy waiting room of my chiropractor's office yesterday, I was desperately trying to ignore the audio slings and arrows of the news blaring from the room's tv set.  In another life, I worked in a bank which also liked to play news all day, but it's been quite some time since I've actually subjected myself to that nonsense voluntarily.  It's not good for my heart, my smile, or my disposition so I'd just assume avoid it.  However, in yesterday's situation, ignoring the idiot news anchor airing another version of this story was impossible.

I know, it's not the news anchor's fault.  But then again, it seems to me that anyone with half a brain would refuse to work in a position that spreads lies and ignites fear for the sheer profitability of it.

Sooooo....now "scientists" have proved that sugar does not, in fact, cause hyer-activity in children.  If they become hyper on Halloween, (according to Miss-Reports-Lies-As-Truth-News-Anchor) it's because they're just excited.  OOOhhhhh.  Well that makes sense.  Okay.  They can go ahead and eat as much as they want then.  No consequences.

Does anyone remember a little book called Sugar Blues by William Dufty?  It's a little dated...released in 1975...but quite skillfully demonstrates the link between refined sugar and depression in adults.  Okay, the book is old.  Forget about William Dufty.  The average American consumes 135 pounds of sugar per year.  About 120 years ago, the estimate was 5 pounds per person.  Seeing as we don't live in vacuums, our bodies don't function in vacuums, and everything affects everything in a dynamic world, I think it's safe to say that this increase in sugar consumption has had and is having some affect on human beings.

A simple lesson on how sugar affects the body:

Sugar raises insulin levels and more importantly, depresses the immune system.  How?  Vitamin C is needed by white blood cells to phagocytize viruses and bacteria.  Glucose (sugar) and Vitamin C have similar chemical structures so when sugar levels go up, they compete to enter the white blood cells.  Naturally, whichever there is more of will win.  As I'm sure you can guess, the modern American diet has more sugar than Vitamin C and to add insult to injury, because sugar has no inherent mineral or vitamin content, it draws upon your body's micro-nutrient stores in order to be metabolized.  If your diet is poor enough or you eat enough sugar to tap those reserves, your body starts having trouble metabolizing cholesterol and fatty acids, causing obesity, among other undesirable things.  I won't even go into the havoc it wreaks on the endocrine system.

The American Dietetic Assosiation and The American Diabetic Association hold sugar consumption responsible as one of the three top causes of degenerative disease.  And we all know of the dental horrors sugar can cause. 

Honestly, I could go on and on about the dangers of sugar.  Many researchers and scientists have.  I don't need to.  The bottom line is...and I'm going to be honest here...kids are much more hyperactive than they ever were.  Telling parents it's okay to feed them sugar because that's not the cause, is not solving the problem.  If anything, it's encouraging them to ignore it because no one else has solved it yet. 

I'm sure many of you have darling, angel children that aren't hyper at all.  But my mother-in-law is an elementary school teacher nearing retirement age.  I've heard the stories and I've witnessed myself how the delicate brains of children seem to be changing.  Behavior is uncontrollable, comprehension is down...and it's a lot more prevalent in today's children than it was 20 years ago.  We all understand that many factors affect this, from family values, public schooling exposure, to diet (other than sugar), but although we can't single out one factor, as many would like to in order to make the problem more solveable, we can approach each aspect one at a time, and realize, like the intelligent humans we claim to be, that everything is affected by everything else.  We cannot isolate the affects of one family's values to just their children.  The entire family has contact with the rest of the world which will inevitably produce changes, good or bad. 

We cannot isolate the affects of sugar in a child's body to just their sugar levels.  The human body is an absolutely spectacular feat of engineering in which all systems and organs depend on the others.  And that very concept is again reflected on all micro and macro levels of natural existence. 

Linear thought models have us all lap trained to isolate concepts as we study them.  We dissect the natural world to learn about it in easy to understand modules, but in doing so, we will always fail to recognize the dynamic relationships that occur between ideas and living organisms because if you really search your own soul, you will feel the truth in your heart. All human beings know that the world and all its inhabitants, great and small, can only be understood in relation to each other.

Mother nature is indeed wonderful and has so much to give when she is loved.

So to return to the sugar...I'm not demonizing it.  I have a sweet tooth the same as anyone else.  But don't listen to the idiot news anchors when they regurgitate skewed data designed to keep us all hooked on pharmaceuticals!!!!!!

That is all.

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Char said...

gorgeous shot

I would like to cut my sugar for obvious reasons of course, but I don't seem to be able to do it well. It is a drug - I get horrible headaches from alternative sweetners too. I'm trying but it is a process.

Annie said...

I have a horrible sweet tooth. Even as I was reading your post, I thought I really should give sugar up, but I doubt that I can. I have given it up for months at a time, but always go back. Any suggestions? Great post by the way :-). xoxo
P.S. Good luck with your ETSY site!
A little secret I learned late in the game, renew at least one item a day, it is a good way to get people to your site.

julochka said...

having just hosted a halloween party for 20 3rd graders and provided them with sugar bomb cupcakes, i can tell you that sugar is the work of the devil. after they went trick or treating and ate their cupcakes, they were completely manic.

oddly, one of them is not supposed to eat candy for 3 months. he's actually been told that it's because he gets some kind of fungal infection from it. but i've seen the kid in action and i can tell you that they're trying to decide whether to dose him with ritalin, he's totally ADD in the classroom and a disruption to others. i fear he ate an awful lot of sugar at the party. i would have prevented it if his parents had said something, but they didn't. i learned of it from several of the little tattletale girls in the class. once it was already too late.

i've been reading in defense of food and am shocked. and dismayed that it's even necessary for such a book to be written. we have so much to (un)learn...sigh.

corabela said...

This was sort of horrible timing, considering it's Halloween/Holiday Time...aka SUGAR TIME. Oh well. Like I said, I have a sweet tooth as well. No one is perfect.

But Char, you've GOT to get away from those artificial sweeteners if nothing else. Those are much worse than sugar. Dr. Russel Blaylock (sp?) has a book out called Sweet Misery or Sweet Deception or something like that, in which he says artificial sweeteners cause something called Creeping Death Syndrome. Sounds very Halloween-y. Anyway...better stick with the sugar. : )

And thanks for the advice Annie! I guess it gets a little pricey to keep renewing, huh? At first .20 was not so bad but now it's up to a dollar. No idea why.

Julie, you make me laugh. : )And that fungal infection from sugar...it's a systemic yeast infection. Gross. My brother had it when he was a kid and I did too a few years ago. I had no sugar or wheat for three months. It was pretty tough. That poor kid!

That book is on my list...has been for quite some time. I'm really looking forward to reading it...and then again, not. I've known about all this food corruption since my mother began her research to overcome Multiple Sclerosis. Have you heard of the movie/documentary Food, Inc? I'm really looking forward to that as well. It's about time the rest of the population found out about all this deception.