27 October 2009

Only 5 Minutes A Day For Fresh Bread

Today has been so busy, I barely remembered today was "The Kitchen" theme for the blog.  Although there's a lot going on that I'd love to be blogging about, I just don't have the time so this will have to suffice.

From the moment I saw this article/recipe in Mother Earth News, I knew it would change my life.  And believe me, it has.  Being new to the hand-made life scene, I'd never baked a loaf of bread in my life.  I bake 2 loaves a week now.  If I had a bigger family, I could realistically be baking one every day. 

So there you are.  If any of you brave souls decide to give it a try, let me know what you think.  And if you're bummed because you don't have a baking stone, you can cheat and use a baking sheet instead, although it won't bake quite the same way. 

I know, this post is so abrupt and my writing skills have gotten rusty the past few months.  I feel so boring.  I need to get back into the groove...

Happy Baking Everyone!!


Char said...

oh, i would love to bake some bread but haven't tried yet.

sounds great

corabela said...

Try it! It's soooo yummy.