03 November 2009

The Headless Chicken!

I'm totally supposed to be blogging on a regular schedule and yet, this week I just cannot.  But hopefully, dear readers, you'll forgive me.  I will get back on schedule soon.  I have a friend moving to Costa Rica who SERIOUSLY underestimated the amount of packing she'd have to do and is scrambling to be ready to go on Thursday.  I've been helping, or at least trying.  Nothing I do seems to make the house appear any emptier though.  And then there's my tax classes and the studying.  And trying to continue building and improving the etsy shop so I can make some money doing something I love.  I need to finish the banner.  And I really need to design some labels for my other stuff so I can get it listed.  Plus I need ink so I can print them.  And a template.  And better photos.  And then there's the mountains and mountains of paperwork I need to do for my short-sale, assuming there will someday be a sale.  And chiropractor and dentist visits.  My tooth broke in half the other day.  Oh...and I need to order supplies for a custom soap order.  And I need to finish the scarf I'm knitting.  And watch that video my mom gave me called Excuses Begone! by Wayne Dyer so I can stop making excuses.  And I still have all those supplements to sell from when my Mom closed her organic grocery store.  Haven't had time to catalog, photgraph, and list them on ebay.  Anyone want to buy some supplements?  I'm trying to help my sister-in-law-to-be with recipes and efficient food management since she's new to the whole .... what do I call it?.... self-sufficent life?  Is that it?  Well she's new to cooking.  Oh...and there's that felted pumpkin basket I agreed to make on commission for someone who'd heard I was making 5 custom aprons for someone else's holiday gifts, also on commission.  I have no idea how to make felted anything.  And I'm a little intimidated by the apron project, although very grateful for the opportunity.

I'm not complaining.  Not by any stretch of the imagination.  Overwhelmed?  A little.  I haven't even mentioned the insurance mix-up that's costing me almost $1000 (oh, here, I'll just pull it out of my rear).  And my phone broke the other day.  The 2 and the 6 buttons wouldn't work.  Grrrrr.  Had to get a new phone.

Man.  I need to unclutter my life in a serious way.  I'm aware that affirming those things that I don't want only draws them to me that much more, and I'm making a serious effort here to change the way I think about things.  This "venting" is the last time I will speak of any of it.  I'm professing this to the entire world.  Well...all 6 or 8 of you who read this anyway.  : )

So...thanks for listening!  And soon, I will be back on schedule.  Really, I daydream about all the fantastic blog posts I'll write someday.  I really do.


Char said...

hope things are better soon

julochka said...

this too shall pass...

sending good energy/strong teeth vibes your way.


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I'm chuckling at your list. Not really, but commiserating with you. It always seems to come in downpours and we get so overwhelmed we just don't know where to begin! The responsibility just keeps piling up. Just remember...one step at a time and after the first few, you'll wonder why you got stressed out. It's so good to have you back and I know your Etsy store will do fabulously..I am so enamored with your soaps!

Annie said...

Your list sounds like mine! Different projects, but too busy just the same. Plus I now have more jobs than I need! Take one step in front of the other and get done what you can, also make sure you take a bit of time to relax.

corabela said...

Thank you so much guys. It is getting better. The moving lady is gone now. That was a huge chunk. And I've got my banner fixed.

Thanks for finding the humor in it Alicia...honestly it made me laugh a little and take it all a little less seriously. : )