24 November 2009

I'M Stufffed!

I've recently re-shuffled the attic.  I have one of those Cape Cod houses with an attic on either side of the upstairs rooms...kind of secret-passage-like.  I would have loved it as a kid.

So on one side I have everything I'm keeping.  On the other side - EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!  I'm thinking of starting a swap blog...or converting my other one into a swap blog.  I have computer parts, books, manuals, car parts, clothes, XMas stuff, more books, supplements, vitamins, more books, a shower curtain, and shoes.

Why do we accumulate so much stuff?  When we moved two years ago, I brought three truckloads to Goodwill.  And I STILL have more to get rid of.  I'm not one of those pack-rat people either.  In fact...I get rid of a lot.  I don't like clutter at all.  I think I do better than most in that area.  So where does all this stuff come from??????????

I'm having flashbacks....

I'm at my mother's house, just a few hours ago.  She asks me if I want any Buckwheat flour.  "Sure!" I say.  Now there's a huge grocery bag full of buckwheat flour in the dining room, waiting to be put away.  What the hell am I going to do with all this buckwheat?

Another flashback...

Two days ago, my mother's house.  "Here...look through these boxes.  I found the Thanksgiving dishes.  Do you want them?  I also found decorations, disposable coffee cups with lids, a bird feeder, and your Grandma's sewing basket.  Take all of it.  Oh, and you can have the dining room table." (That one I liked!)

A week ago.  My mom comes over and brings me a DVD.  Dr. Wayne Dyer, Excuses Begone!  Thanks mom.

A month ago.  "Here honey...I found this jewelry.  Take it.  How about a cat?  We have 5, we don't need that many.  Do you want to take one home?"

(We didn't take the cat.)

Here's the deal - My mom just sold her house and moved into a temporary rental.  After sorting through years of accumulated junk, she'll be moving yet again, across the country into a house 1/8 the size of the one she's in now.  And so I get all the extras!  She also recently closed her organic grocery store so we have tons of unsold incense, spelt flour, and tapioca pudding laying around...all the stuff nobody wanted even at 75% off.  Hence, the buckwheat flour.  But hey...yay for buckwheat pancakes!!!!!


Beemoosie said...

It seriously must be a mom thing!! My mom has passed her stuff to me ever since I've had my own place! Much of it has been very useful...but I just could do "Sweatin' to the Oldies" (although I should!)
Happy Thanksgiving!

Char said...

moms do that....always trying to help too

:) buckwheat pancakes sound perfect

corabela said...

I think you're both right. It's a mom thing. : ) God, I love her.

julochka said...

i want to get better at paring down and simplifying. i know i've been saying it for the better part of a year, but i think i'm finally ready. tho' i fear that it will take a long time to make a dent. sigh.

oh well. happy thanksgiving!

Annie said...

All I can say is that nature loves a vacuum, I have the same exact problem. Thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog, Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo