17 November 2009

Simple and Not So Simple Things...I Love Them

This morning, while still asleep, I had a dream that I went to a dinner party and fell asleep.  That's how tired I was!  I've been knocking back Yerba Mate like it's going out of style and catching up my blog surfing.  Seems like a good day for it...it's still early (at least it was when I started), the sun is bright, I have the whole day ahead of me.  : )

I noticed a theme while surfing...julochka, iasa, and char all had the words "simple things" in their post titles.  And it turns out, it all started here with christina.  This sort of thing is irresistable to me...I can talk about what I'm doing, what I've been thinking, or what's going on in the world all day long.  But the small, simple moments are where life really happens.  So I just can't pass up a chance to share that.

Simple Things I Love

waking up to the mad tweeting of a flock of sparrows in the bush outside the window

realizing how the sound of it reminds me I'm also wild; still part of the secret, savage natural world

austere tree silhouettes against the deepest of blues on late autumn evening drives through farm country

the deep mahogany colored dining room table my mother passed down to me this past weekend.  the way it makes me feel when I think of our future children sitting around it, asking about the letters etched into the surface.  my answers when I tell them their grandparents once owned an organic grocery and it was at that very table that they'd write up their produce and meat orders.  the heavily wielded pen left its everlasting indent on the surface.  the history that table will come to know...

cats chattering at birds in the bare branches outside...cats crawling intentionally across whatever I happen to be doing...cats purring for seemingly no reason

looking past all the junk (toys) laying around in my neighbors yard and learning to see them as a real family, with real children and love and paper routes and church on Sundays

pressing my foot on the sewing machine pedal and continuing to be amazed when I make something beautiful, with even edges and straight seams...I couldn't make anything before

the spicy, sweet, clean, smell of all the bars of soap we've made filling the house...nothing like the smell of clean

the new plant collection, springing up lush and wild from the corner of the dining room...palm, fern, rubber, new zealand impatien, avocado, sweet william, jade, spider, oxalis, other clearance sale unknowns...cleaning the air, making us feel alive, making my cats throw up on the rug

the 30's music station on iTunes radio...filling my head with pleasant thoughts of holiday fun

baking french boule bread, lemon poppyseed poundcake, baking cranberry orange muffins and giant ginger cookies...the smells that waft through life when you love to bake

cooking for my husband who usually does most of that.  the look of sheer gratitude makes all the mess worth it.  or cooking together in quiet sync...but really, cooking with freshly picked garden goods and local meat and dairy...the freshness makes everything taste absolutely divine...the best

having a "real man" as a husband.  he can do anything.  anything.  he knows how to rebuild an engine, a transmission, a whole car.  he can cook the most delicious, fancy meals...or just make the crispiest, most golden french fries you've ever eaten.  he rewires fuse boxes, tiles a bathroom, lays a floor, designs a website, fixes a crashed computer, whips an excellent homebrew, plays a 12 string, a 6 string, a mandolin, a banjo, a french horn, a trumpet, (etc.), and if he had to, he could sew, clean, mop, launder, press, and scrub, or draw, paint, sculpt, or take endless photos of me modeling aprons for my latest hobby.  in a crisis he's calm, in the face of stress he relaxes.  I've seen a neighbor's husband scratch his head at his broken car and try to run the lawn mower early on a dewey morning.  in those moments, I think "Thank God I have a real man"

a clean, white porcelain bath tub

a love story...maybe romantic, maybe not.  maybe just a good samaritan love story.  love makes the world go 'round.

finding your first morel of Molly Mooch season (which I have experienced exactly once, so far)

running outside at the first snowfall...staring up at the sky as if you could really see the moment when they are born into unique little beauties from a drop of ordinary water

how whenever the seasons change, it's always as if I'm experiencing it for the very first time...every time.

that sublime moment of letting go after a struggle.  the surrender.  knowing it will end now.

colors...all of them...in contrasting combinations that still manage to be harmonious.  brown and blue.  lavender and navy.  green and gray.  red and white.  orange and blue.

a hot, steaming cup of earl gray with a teaspoon and a half of honey and hint of lemon juice

watching all the people rushing around, working, spinning, toiling, slaving, while I sit still and quiet with nowhere to be and nothing to do.  finally learning to enjoy this without guilt.

the unexpected connections with people from every corner of earth that happened because I decided I was bored at work and wanted something interesting to read, then found blogger.  support and kindness from a "stranger" seems to somehow carry more weight sometimes.  ??

little chats with neighbors about nothing that mean everything in the world of connection and kindness

those mornings when the sun is so bright and new that it makes the whole day seem full of endless possibility you wouldn't have otherwise seen

digging through old boxes looking for things...I always end up reunited with some lost treasure

crossing things off a list...one less thing to do, one more moment of me time gained

the day I get my Mary Janes Farm Magazine...stress melts away, I remember how I want to live my life, I get emotionally back on track


On second thought, maybe all these aren't exactly simple.  I'll cross that part out.  I'm known far and wide for my inability to be simple.  I guess that's just me.


Jo said...

You have an absolutely lovely blog...! I am at work right now, so I don't have much time to visit -- but I will be back for a longer visit. :-)


Char said...

i sat and smiled and laughed at various points throughout reading these. in truth, life is never really simple but the small things can be really wonderful. i had to laugh about the cats throwing up - that's so true.

so glad you played along.

julochka said...

i think yours is the most beautiful list of all the ones i read.

your husband sounds like a keeper, for sure. and i love when my cat purrs for no apparent reason too. i interpret it as contentment.

the soap looks gorgeous. and the chalks, to die for.

a really beautiful post.

Beemoosie said...

I followed you here from Maryjane's; so glad I did. You have a wonderful way with words!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

What a beautiful post! I so enjoy all your "simple" things...right down to those luscious morels and the colorful chalk. And the soap...I'm thinking Christmas here ;)

corabela said...

Thanks Jo! Looking forward to seeing more of you!

I'm glad the cat puke made somebody laugh, Char. I laughed about forever after typing it. I love those plants, but I wake up to squishy puke on the braided rug nearly 4 times a week. : )

That is really quite a compliment Julie, thank you. : ) Makes me happy. And yeah...my husband is definitely a keeper. I didn't even mention how sweet he is.

corabela said...

Beemoosie, thanks for visiting!! Glad you followed me. : )

Anonymous said...

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