14 December 2009

Thankfully, I'm feeling a little better today.  Last night, it was all I could do to keep from crying in helpless frustration over the loss of my freedom to have usable brain space/power and enough free time to retain some semblance of creativity in my life.  Work, work, work...

I've been thrown to the wolves and most days every ounce of brain power is spent on making sure I figure out what's expected of me, make sure I do it, and meanwhile, deal with the clusterf&^! of hiring 50 some people and get them trained before the end of the week.  I spend a lot of time driving to and from work as well which is frustrating.  When I'm done with work, I want to be home, not driving for an hour. 

So there's lots to be frustrated about.  But this morning, as I sat in my second all-day-meeting (yes...really....ALL DAY), I looked around at the smiling faces that have been so kind to me...the faces of my coworkers who are always committed and dedicated to their jobs, always give 110%, and always turn things around into a positive.  I realized what a contrast it is to work there from what it was like at my last job.  Now, the fact that everyone is so dedicated is both disconcerting and relieving.

I asked an office manager to come in on Saturday and do ten interviews with me and she just said "Sure, no problem.  What time?"  With a smile on her face even.

Disconcerting because I need to make sure I keep up or my level of non-dedication will stick out like a sore thumb next to everyone else.  Relieving because it makes for really positive work environment.  For those of you who read my last blog, you know how unhappy I was at my last job.  There was just an overwhelming air of negativity that I found inescapable and honestly, although I'm working my ass off, this is a breath of fresh air.  If I'm going to work so long and so hard, at least it will be with positive, supportive coworkers.

Another thing I was pleasantly suprised by, on an unrelated note, is this.  My CandyCane soap made factorygirlashli's Treasury!

I'm looking at some free time during the holidays so I'm planning on doing some Wintergreen soap and hopefully starting some more aprons.  I'm down to one!

Thanks for reading!


factorygirlashli said...

Awwh thanks for the shoutout!

Char said...

I'm glad you are in a more positive and healthy setting - negative is just so wearing on the soul.

corabela said...

No problem Ashli! You really made my day. : )

It is, Char. I'm so grateful to be in better company now.

Beemoosie said...

I feel your agony! After 14 years of being a full time homemaker with lots of creativity and even about half of those years with a part time job at the school; I went to work full-time. In the County Clerks office...we don't get to wear aprons :( My job is a blessing and the type of work fits me to a tee...well if I have to work outside the home, which I do. I like the people I work with, but I MISS the brain cells that used to be totally dedicated to creativity. *sigh* I keep telling myself "for everything, there is a season" Keep smiling!

Annie said...

So glad at least you work with good people. I also have had no time for art and I am feeling very low because of it, but soon!
Happy weekend :-). xoxo