01 December 2009

What's New In LaLa Land

It's been quite a Thanksgiving weekend over here in lala-land (my brother lovingly called me lala when he was a toddler).  We had two celebrations to include the family members that were absent on actual Thanksgiving.  Then...my beloved husband got my car up and running, titled, registered, insured, and legal....AND I was offered a job above and beyond that which I was training for.  I had every expectation of doing tax preparation this season but was offered a management position instead!  I have a lot of thoughts on this...

I'm nervous, I'm shocked, I'm grateful, I'm uncertain, I'm relieved...but most importantly, I'll HAVE A PAYCHECK AGAIN!!!  Honestly...that's the priority now.  My management position will have me driving all over the state in the worst winter weather but it also will pay more and will only last until April so I'll take it while I can get  it.

I'm a little sad that my domestic life of being the happy, (i.e. lazy) housewife is temporarily over but it'll all be worth it to get our necks out of this debt noose.  Really though...I'm not that lazy.  Just in the morning.  In the afternoon, I kick ass. 

Well...everything changes.  I'm worried about my clothes, of all things.  I don't have manager clothes...2 suits maybe.  Oh well...I'll figure something out. 

Other good news...I've made 3 sales on my etsy site to non-friend/family members!  Very satisfying.  I've also sold my first apron...the very first one that I made.  To my ex-boyfriend.  I'm guessing it's for his mother.  How odd to have something so special to me go to my ex's mother.  ??  Weird.  But I'm extremely happy about it.  Now I have to get busy making some more aprons and soap...I'm so thankful for all that I've sold so far.  I spent hours this weekend creating ledger files for my expenses and income, and honestly, I think I've done pretty well.  My loss is only just over 50% which is not bad at all for the first three months.  I have a feeling it will only get better with more creative advertising.

Well...the trees are bare, the air is colder and there's a brisk snap to the wind now.  Christmas lights are popping up everywhere and there's a sense of change on the air.  It feels like I'm well on my way to leaving all the difficulties of the past year behind. 


Char said...

yay!! congrats on the job - even if it's temporary, it could lead to another open door, you never know.

and congrats on the sales too. That kicks major butt.

julochka said...

congrats on the job! it must be a big relief! :-) and on your etsy sales too. it all has to start somewhere! :-)