27 February 2010

Saturday Morning's Are Beautiful

This morning I woke up early, started some Blueberry Cardamom Crisp in the iron skillet, and then braved the snow and went with my mother to our friend Anita's house.  We did some Qi Gong and Anita shared some of her fabric collection with me.  We poked around in her feng shui books for awhile and then my mom and I came back to my house and ate the delicious Blueberry Crisp.  I drank some yerba mate and now I'm watching Christine Cooks Naturally on pbs.  Can all my mornings be like this please? 

There are however, mountains of laundry to do this afternoon, as well as some Lavender Lime soap to be made.  I'd also really love to get this food blog started.  My husband and I have been daydreaming about it for days.


Jo said...

You had me at Blueberry Cardamom Crisp. Omigoodness...! :-)

Maggie May said...


what a soothing, calm image.

Annie said...

Sounds like a lovely day. I am off to see the food blog!