25 March 2010

Countdown To Sunny Mornings In The Garden

Exactly 21 days from today I will once again be free to live real life.  No more dressing up in stiff suits and painful heels, day in and day out.  For 5 months I will wear blue jeans and t-shirts...ballet slippers and flip flops.  I will wake up and leisurely sip tea in the sunshine on the back porch.  I will make my own bread again.  I will fall asleep in the hammock whenever I want.  I will finally clean my refrigerator for the first time since I started working in December and I will stretch myself into yoga positions I haven't done in four months.  I'll wander around in the woods, hunting morels and picking forest violets for jelly.  And my family will finally start eating dinner before 9 o'clock every night.  I'll catch up with friends and family I haven't had time to speak to and I'll spend every Saturday selling at the Farmers Market and meeting cool people.  I'll be a sewing fool and make more pretty aprons than I know what to do with.  I'll make a new soap each week.S  And maybe just maybe, Brendan and I will have time to post something on our food blog.  :  )  I can't wait.


Amy said...

That sounds wonderful. Life is meant to be enjoyed. I left the corporate rat race when I was pregnant with my five year old and haven't looked back.

God Bless.

Indie said...

Sounds wonderful, really. I love it that you have that to look forward to and can appreciate and savor your free time, filling it with loveliness.

Annie said...

Can't wait for you :-). Come over to my blog for a second and read my post about the artist Swoon, I know you will love her and she will inspire you! xoxo