07 March 2010

Mr. Blue Sky

Several good things have been going on this weekend.  First, this....

We made some serious changes upstairs and switched the office to the studio and the studio to the office.  I was sick and tired of being crammed into that little back room.  Now I have space to work!  I also cleaned out 3 years worth of paperwork from the filing cabinets and decided I don't want to look at filing cabinets anymore.  I put them attic.  Sure, I'll have to do my filing in the attic, but who cares.  I can't stand to look at them.  They represent general pain-in-the-ass-ery to me.  Stress, money, mortgages, bills, debts, etc.  Who needs it?

Also, my Mom and Step-Dad returned from a trip to New Jersey bearing gifts.  Real New Jersey bagels.  And goodies from the Jewish bakery, the likes of which are nowhere to be found anywhere in central Ohio.  And since Mom is packing up and heading out to South Dakota to live in her very first paid-for-debt-free house (which happens to be 680 sq. ft.)  she also let me adopt about 6 of her house plants.

After returning her dog...Cinnamon Bun whom we occasionally dog-sit while they're out of town...we returned home with all our goodies and I headed outside with the cats to take advantage of this warm sunlight we're getting that's finally melting the snow cover.  I found the Hardy Amaryllis coming up.

Some tulips

The irises

And then I found a few things still alive in the garden.  The strawberry patch is doing well...

And last year's parsley seems like it might actually come back this year.  It seems to have been the winter home of about 8000 spiders because they were everywhere, sunning themselves.

I also found the chard looking hopeful

And some forgotten scallions.

It looks like we also have some field sow thistle in bloom

And some unwanted visitors.

The hostas and the peonies will be popping up soon...about 3 or 4 more weeks.

As I was enjoying that sweet, long-lost feeling of the sun warming my back, I listened to all the birds singing and pondered for the first time, the transformation that occurs in my mind when I start to hear the spring songs of birds.  My mind is more hopeful...serene.  Engaged.  Less worrisome.  Those cold, silent winter days have their own feeling...their own vibe that feels like drawing in and being still.

It seems to me at times, that the whole world lives and dies just for our sake...our love and our growth.  It feels like the meaning of life to me in the most incomprehensible and incredibly ineffable of ways.  It's a knowledge that happens on the level of the heart...not the intellect.  And it's like being in love...if you're not sure, you think you might be but if you really are, you know it with every fiber of your being.

And already...I know this year will be better than last.  My garden will be even lusher, my wisdom will blossom.  I'll find new connections, new money, new joy.  The older things...the worries about selling the house, the worries about money...they'll just phase out.  It's time for more and better and finally and abundance, all lumped together with peacefulness.

And now...I'm going to thumb through my many garden catalogs and start ordering all the supplies.  We're getting one of those composters that turns this year.  We have plans for chickens eventually so that's part of the plan to deal with the manure.  We're doing corn this year, and cucumbers, lettuce, jerusalem artichokes, celery, beets, kale, radishes, peppers, and of course tomatoes.  Maybe green beans and hopefully a spaghetti squash if I can figure out where!  I also have an avocado tree shooting up indoors.  I'm trying to decide on what kind of fruit tree to plant in the front yard.  Cherry?  Quince?  Maybe elderberry?


Char said...

sounds like wonderful things are happening. i love the sound of that for you.

Claire said...

Yay for spring! I planted over 100 bulbs last fall and all the sudden I'm seeing green sprouts everywhere. So excited to see how it looks when its all blooming!

Also on the composter - I did a bunch of research before I purchased mine. A few things I read said its better to have your compost touching the ground so bugs can get in and out. We got one of these and it does a good job keeping critters out and welcoming the bugs:


cinnamongirl said...

Spring is grand and long awaited.

Annie said...

I love it when you sound hopeful :-). I am too. This year is the year of abundance and art. xoxo

Indie said...

Beautiful spring pix, green things thrusting through the snow. Love it!! Yay spring!