02 April 2010

Home sick

I try to avoid getting sick on Fridays or Mondays, lest I appear to be a faker or a slacker for the sake of the epic "3 Day Weekend".  But there's no denying that yesterday's sickness hit me hard and I would have only been miserable driving around for work today with the windows down.  (No a/c and it's hot...wind up the nose with a sinus infection is painful.)  So here I am...getting a lovely taste of my life 2 weeks from now when my employment will be over.  Well, with one difference...this nasty cold.  That better not be around 2 weeks from now.

So this morning I sat in the sun and drank tea and read Memoirs of a Geisha that I picked up at last weekend's clothing swap.  I'm going to make myself some chicken soup and take a nap on my hammock later in the sunshine...hopefully catching lots of healing rays of sunshine.

I've been kept from my real life for so long now, it seems, that I'm dreaming up way too many things for myself to do once I have my time and my life back.  Make aprons and soap and aftershave and lemon verbena cologne and bookmarks and bread and cheese and yogurt and plant about 1800 vegetables in the garden and about 2000 kinds of flowers and go morel hunting and make jam from foraged flowers and grow hops for beer and so on and so forth.  It goes on...and on....and on.  I think this will maybe not be so good for me.   I think I should probably relax a little.  But the world demands action!  Things with my rental house are going on that I have to deal with...things with my soap-making business...and I want to sell at farmers markets.  I must take action to accomplish things.  But how many things can I accomplish and at what cost?  This kind of crazy life is contrary to my values so what slips by, slips by.  And c'est la vie.  Those things were never meant to be stressful anyway.  I want to savor my life like a good meal or a warm spring day. 

Speaking of which...


Oh...and speaking of sniffle...my Mom and Step-Dad finally left on Tuesday.  : (  They're off to their little house in south Dakota for good.  We're dog-sitting Cinnamon until next Thursday when my Step-Dad will be back to pick her up along with the last load of their stuff.  I don't know how or when but I will be braving the prairie to go see them this summer.  And hopefully see some of the Little House On The Prairie landmarks and houses along with Deadwood.

I miss my Mom.


Annie said...

Fell better! I know what you mean about action and days off, but remember to stay in the moment and that inspired action is always the best action. RELAX,and have fun.

Indie said...

And how are you enjoying your time off now?