31 May 2010

Failed Attempts Result In New Beginnings

Well, for whatever reason, this blog along with the 2 others just didn't blossom in the way I envisioned them.  It's certainly due to my lack of writing and blog reading but I why I didn't do either of those, I can't really say.  I suppose I felt too boxed in...limited to writing only about certain things, meant for certain people.  While it was all probably just in my head, I suppose I needed a failure of that sort to push me towards a more complete picture of what I wanted.

So I'm abandoning ship!  And rebuilding with my whole, entirety in mind.  I can't be just a girl who likes to stay home and sew and bake and make and grow.  I can't be just an edgy visionary who occasionally spurts deep thoughts that no one else gets.  And I can't just show you my favorite pics or tell you about all my latest projects which would be totally boring.

Everything revolves around love.  The yearning for it, the noticing of it, the feeling of it, and the blossoming of it.  It has become the rosy light that drenches all I see so "Love Stirred Their Hearts..." is now where it's at.  I'm sure you'll find all manner of photographs, thoughts, and links there eventually.  I want to leave blame and judging and complaining and needing and bitterness in the dust.  I want to embrace the bright and shiny future.  So here I go...

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